This blog is written how my brain thinks. If you are someone who likes well-organized, non-tangent, grammar perfect writing then yeah, maybe this isn’t the best place to start. I’ll leave the line editing and the long editing process for my books and stick true to the unabridged, flawed version of myself. That and this, selfishly, is a blog about me- about my life, my writing process and what’s inside my mind. If it were perfect and proofed, it would be everything I am not. I am a full out scatter brained dreamer with a wild imagination and often malfunctioning neuronal connections. (just kidding! But seriously, I find it hard to be me inside my head sometimes).

With that being said, I did win my 5th-grade spelling bee, usually got A’s in creative writing (grammar excluded) and am a scientist. So, maybe there is a tinge of quality, some humor and maybe even something you’ll relate to. However, I make no promises. My “what ifs” and my “cho-choos” and my rather excessive use of parenthesis are how I think, how I live through things. Often, I think that if it weren’t for my tangents leading me into a positive place, I would have succumbed to the negativity of life.

I’ve learned to write through my feelings.  I joke about them,  fantasize, rewrite lyrics to my favorite songs and even draw wild analogies between life and Disney movies. Writing has gotten me out of dark places and helped me record the best moments of my life. Writing has been my mirror, my confessor, and my confidant. It’s the balance between who I am and who I long to be. It’s the frozen time frame between the experiences of my past and the influencing moments of the present. It’s my constant in a variable life.

I’d even say it was my happy place, but that spot is reserved for family. Now, I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has stood by me, guided me, loved me and encouraged me. You guys are wonderful!

If you are new to these pages and to my life in general, then I hope one thing for you (regardless if you enjoy this blog or not). Fight to keep the negativity out of your heart, because that’s a sure fire way to kill the best person you can be.

Oh yeah, and welcome to my brain.

(laughs like a maniacal mad scientist… hehehe)

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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